We Can Help You with Your Periodontal Treatment Plan

We Can Help You with Your Periodontal Treatment Plan Updated for 2021

Visit Your Local Affordable Mt. Airy Dental Clinic for Help with Periodontal Treatment

Updated: October 9, 2021

Treating periodontal disease is an important part of your dental well-being. So make sure that you know what your periodontal treatment options are and visit your best, affordable Mt. Airy dental clinic to make sure you’re under a periodontists care. A periodontist is a dentist who has had at least three years of additional training in periodontal disease. This is important to know your periodontal disease treatment options. Our periodontist can help you figure out the best non-surgical periodontal treatment. Also, we can discuss with you options if periodontal surgery procedures become a way of relieving your symptoms. Your Mt. Airy dentist can discuss these issues and others — like dental crowns vs. veneers, for example — and our periodontists are also experts with replacing missing teeth with our implants options.

What Is Periodontal Disease

What Is Periodontal Disease?

In a nutshell, periodontal disease involves inflammation, swelling, and infections of the areas around your teeth. This is primarily found in the gums, as gingivitis is the central part of the disease. It’s the part in its earliest development. Once it gets worse, that’s when supporting tissues begin to receive damage. Also, advanced periodontal disease can also lead to other health problems like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, respiratory illnesses and in women, premature births. So making sure you visit your Mt. Airy dentist early on is a way to get on top of the disease to set a proper course of action. Your periodontal disease treatment options will be discussed, like non-surgical periodontal treatments and periodontal surgery procedures, when necessary.

What Are Some Non-Surgical Periodontal Treatments?

When it comes to non-surgical periodontal treatment, there aren’t any limits. You can take preventive measures yourself by not smoking, taking care of your teeth with seeing your Mt. Airy dentist for any teeth problems you have, proper oral hygiene routines are helpful as well. You can also get help for grinding or clenching teeth issues you have or see if certain medications you take make cause dry mouth, which can exacerbate periodontal disease. Scaling and root planning is something a periodontist can assist with. This is a cleaning of the surfaces of the root by removing plaque and tartar. There are also procedures for using a custom-made tray that a periodontist will fill with medication. You use these at home as part of a daily therapy regimen.

What Are Periodontal Surgery Procedures?

Periodontal surgery procedures are sometimes necessary for severe cases of periodontal disease. Your Mt. Airy periodontist will gladly discuss these with you, and they include some cosmetic procedures like dental crown lengthening and dental implants. There also periodontal pocket reduction procedures and plastic surgery options. Also to be considered are regenerative procedures, gum graft surgery, as well as laser treatments. Since your periodontist has additional specialized training in these procedures, you’ll be in good hands.

Visit Your Local Affordable Mt. Airy Dental Clinic for Help with Periodontal Treatment

Visit Your Local Affordable Mt. Airy Dental Clinic for Help with Periodontal Treatment

Make an appointment today with the best, local affordable Mt. Airy dental clinic. We’ll be able to help you with all your questions, concerns and future procedures if you have periodontal disease. We can discuss non-surgical periodontal treatments and periodontal surgery procedures. We’ll discuss our affordable prices and whether or not your dental insurance covers these procedures. We can also help with affordable payment plans as well as put you in touch with a third-party dental lender if you should need one. They will provide payment plans affordable for any budget.