The Effects of Fluoride on Implants

The Effects of Fluoride on Implants Updated for 2021

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Updated: October 23, 2021

 Find the Best Local Mt. Airy Dentist to Perform Outstanding Implant Dentistry

Are you currently in Mt. Airy, NC? Looking for an excellent Mt. Airy dentist who can perform an exceptional dental implant procedure for you? Perhaps you have a missing tooth or a tooth that is suffering? If it is near irreparable and you want an implant for in order to replace it for good, first you need to know a few things. Learn how to take care of a dental implant and what the effects of fluoride on your implant can be.

Outstanding Implant Dentistry in Mt. Airy, NC

implant dentistryAt L. Dean Simmons DDS, we have the best team of dentists whose concentration in implant dentistry. While a dental implant procedure is considered a major type of surgery, you need to spend an ounce of worry in the greatly trained hands of our Mt. Airy dentist. We guarantee your safety, convenience, and comfort during the dental implant procedure. But after the superb results and outcome of the procedure where your implant will be as functional as your natural teeth. So what does fluoride do to your teeth? Fluoride is perfect for cleaning natural teeth. However, fluoride has been the controversy of dental implants and many studies have been done. For the most part, fluoride was found to be a positive influence on dental implants. This also depends on the concentration of fluoride in the toothpaste that you are using. The higher the concentration, the higher the chance of corrosion or abrasion.

How Does Dental Implant Procedure Work?

Basically, in dental implant procedures, a permanent artificial tooth is attached to what is remaining of your damaged natural tooth through a metal frame that is in turn, planted over or right into your jawbone. This is how your Mt. Airy dentist will permanently replace your lost tooth or conceal a severely damaged one. Dental implants make for a great choice relative to rather uncomfortable removable dentures.

What Are the Types of Dental Implants Offered by the Best, Yet Affordable Mt. Airy Dentist?

It is either an endosteal implant or a subperiosteal implant that you can get from your Mt. Airy Dentist. As to which one will be best fitting for you will depend on certain requirements that have to do with your jawbone which is a crucial part of the procedure. This will be a determinant of the success of the overall procedure. To further explain the endosteal implant which is the more commonly utilized of the two kinds, it is a dental implant that is surgically positioned right into your jawbone. This is the reason behind the name “endosteal.” The metal screw on which the artificial crown-like tooth will be mounted will be planted into your jawbone. Endosteal implants require a certain height and strength of your jawbone in order for it to be capable of sturdily holding the implant. On the other hand, there is the subperiosteal implant. This type of dental implant, the artificial tooth is placed only on your jawbone and not planted inside the bone, hence the term “subperiosteal.” This option may be selected over the former if your jawbone does not meet the height requirement which will hold the implant to be affixed in its interior.

The Advantages of Getting a Dental Implant Procedure

perfect smileDurability. Dental implants are a permanent replacement to lost teeth and they are some of the strongest, resilient, and long-term solutions to a missing tooth or even a heavily decayed tooth. They practically last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. Comfort and convenience. Relative to removable dentures, dental implants are truly more comfortable and reliable. Dental implants affixed to your jawbone so you will not have to worry about their getting in the way of your speech or chewing your food. Just remember to watch out for fluoride levels in your toothpaste. A boost in confidence. Dental implants allow for you to smile broadly, speak freely and eat easily without having to worry about your artificial teeth slipping or sliding off of your gums. These teeth implants blend in really well with their surrounding natural teeth and so you will feel better about sporting them and for good, and in turn, you will be more confident about yourself.