How Long Should a Temporary Crown Stay on Your Teeth?

How Long Should a Temporary Crown Stay on Your Teeth? Updated for 2021

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Updated: October 10, 2021

Dental problems plague people who’ve suffered permanent damages to their pearly whites. With the advancement of aesthetic dentistry, this issue is now a thing of the past.

Dentists have devised ways to beautify damaged teeth in the form of Dental Crowns and learning how long should a temporary crown stay on can help you decide if you should try for the permanent variety instead.

A dentist may provide two options (temporary vs. permanent crowns) and deciding which one you should opt for can be challenging.

Several things must be determined before you make a decision. Questions like, “can a temporary crown last a year?”, “do temporary crowns fall out easily?” and “what are the do’s and don’ts of a temporary crown,” must be answered with assurance. By doing so, you can save resources like time, money, and effort.

How Long Should a Temporary Crown Stay on Your Teeth

How Long Should a Temporary Crown Stay On?

As the name implies, temporary crowns should be in place for a short period of time. This means having a temporary crown is a temporary solution to a permanent problem. Eventually, the temporary crown may fall off, and tooth sensitivity and pain will recur.

The temporary tooth crown works by being affixed to the affected area with soft cement so it can be removed once permanent crowns are to be fitted and implanted. Because of the soft cement, temporary crowns can wear down quicker. This is why you should learn how long should a temporary crown stay on.

Seeking answers early can save you from another dental issue before seeing a dentist, and in turn, this can save you time, money, effort, and pain. You should determine the do’s and don’ts of the temporary crown to ensure these temporary crowns do not fall out before replacement.

Can a Temporary Crown Last a Year?

You might be wondering if the temporary crown lasts a year, and the answer depends on how well you take care of your oral health. Temporary implants should not last a year, so you should ensure you follow the consultation schedule your dentist set for you.

By doing so, it can be less probable for a temporary crown to last a year, saving a person from deep gum infection which may lead to a root canal.

Do Temporary Crowns Fall Out Easily?

You may follow up with a question such as “if temporary crowns fall out easily.” But as mentioned, a temporary implant may last longer if you’re taking care of your oral health or you haven’t seen your dentist for a year.

The best method to optimize the use of the filling is by seeing your dentist.

Find Out How Long Should a Temporary Crown Stay On

Knowing the Do’s and Don’ts of a Temporary Crown

Knowing the do’s and don’ts of a temporary crown can help you ensure you’re filling is in place without premature removal. As mentioned, a temporary tooth filling should only be there before your fitting for a permanent porcelain crown. It acts as a temporary solution to your tooth problems.