What to Expect from Your Mt. Airy Dentist’s Office

What to Expect from Your Mt. Airy Dentist’s Office Updated for 2021

A General Services Guide of Mt. Airy Dental Services

Updated: September 11, 2021

Whether you visit a Mt. Airy dentist or a dentist from another nearby town, you should always expect the best regarding services offered, regardless of your dental concerns. What you should expect is your Mt. Airy dentist should be exceptional in those services provided, especially when it comes to a dentist’s bread and butter: general dentistry. So what we’re going to do is break down for you on what you can expect from the best dentist in Mt. Airy or anywhere else, when looking the best general dentistry services possible.

What Basic Services Can You Expect from Your Local Dentist

What Basic Services Can You Expect from Your Local Dentist?

What kind of services are we talking about when we think about general dentistry? Care for your achy tooth? Sure. Pull an infected tooth? You bet. Let’s take that thought a step further, and we’ll provide you a list of services that any Mt. Airy dentist should offer and excel at performing. General Dentistry should include routine checkups and education on the importance of preventive oral hygiene. They should also have available digital x-ray technology for when you visit your Mt. Airy dentist with a problem that needs to be corrected. They should also provide emergency dental services. Beyond that the nuts and bolts of a dentist’s tool belt, their general dentistry services.

A General Services Guide

These are services to handle dental concerns that involve each of the following: Bridges: If you have missing teeth or a significant gap, your dentist should be able to create a dental bridge to fix the problem. A dentist will usually use a material like porcelain (durable and natural looking) to replicate the missing teeth or gap. Placing a bridge is a simple enough process, and your Mt. Airy dentist can build you one. Crowns: Dental crowns are used to fix decayed, cracked or chipped teeth and are commonly known as caps. Your dentist will use materials like resin, ceramic, metal or porcelain, depending on personal choice, nature of the problem, or simply which one you can afford (porcelain and some metals, like silver and gold, are more expensive options). Digital x-rays: Digital x-rays are revolutionizing general dentistry. Not only do they produce less radiation, but they are also making it quicker and easier for dentists to take x-rays, but they’re more interactive and accurate. Not to mention that it’s easier on the patient, as digital x-rays involve less intrusive equipment than before. Many digital x-ray machines are more portable and located right next to your dentist’s chair. And who can forget those big, painful and uncomfortable trays you had to bite down and hold in your mouth forever? Not anymore. Fillings: Ugh! You’ve got a cavity, and it needs to repair. No problem. Your dentist will be able to take care of this common problem directly. Your Mt. Airy dentist will be able to factor in the extent of what you need to do and get rid of that cavity with ease. Implants: Lose a tooth? No problem, one option is to have it replaced with a dental implant. These restorations involve directly securing the porcelain tooth with a titanium screw directly to your jawbone. A General Services Guide of Mt. Airy Dental Services It’s the most permanent and best way to replace a missing tooth (or teeth). There are two types of implants; the most common is called endosteal, which goes into the jawbone. The subperiosteal is for patients where endosteal is not an option. The implant is placed on top of the jawbone, instead. Root canals: When an infected tooth is on its last breath, you’ll need to have a root canal to save it. Your Mt. Airy dentist will perform this if the pain or infection is severe, and extraction is still not an option. Of course, any Mt. Airy dentist will also offer comprehensive services for cosmetic dentistry, pediatric dentistry, and hygienist (regularly scheduled cleanings). And in doing so, they will also remember to have an interactive and integrated web site to support their practice, making sure that you can schedule appointments, find out about their services and any other general information whether you are using a laptop, tablet or cell phone. They should also have a testimonials page and a place for the sharing of information, like blogs.