How General Dentistry Helps In Your Oral Health Care

How General Dentistry Helps In Your Oral Health Care Updated for 2021

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Updated: October 5, 2021

Are new to the Mt. Airy area and looking for different general dentistry services? When a tooth is damaged, you can never bring it back to its natural state. That is why there are dental health care providers. They help us with the protection and prevention of our teeth from damages, and treat any teeth and gum problems to keep our smiles bright. These dental health care providers have years of experience in general dentistry, as they know how to diagnose oral health problems and the necessary dental treatments and procedures and other different general dentistry services that should be used to address these problems. If you want to have a clearer idea of what general dentistry is and what do general dentists do, here is a brief discussion on what general dentists do and some of the different general dentistry services available in most dental care clinics today.

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What Do General Dentists Do?

General dentists are the most common oral health care providers. If you have dental problems, you are most likely will consult with a general dentist first. When you have more serious oral health problems, which need more specialized care and treatments, that’s when the general dentist will lead you to other dentists who specialize in the more specific fields of dentistry which you might need. Once a dentistry student graduates from an accredited dental school, he/she can then proceed to practice general dentistry, though some may continue further studies for specializations. General dentists do any kinds of general dental treatments and procedures such as providing a diagnosis, treating and managing a range of different general dentistry services and provide health care for your teeth and gums, such as examinations, cleaning, fillings, root canals, crowns, bridges, veneers, and preventive care and treatments. Below are some of the most common dental treatments and procedures and different general dentistry services.

Different General Dentistry Services

1. Preventive Dental Services

Preventive dental services are those that help you with your oral health and prevent tooth and gum disease.

2. Restorative Services

Dental health care providers also perform restorative dental treatments or those that help restore damaged or lost teeth such as dental fillings, implants, crowns and bridges, as well as dentures.

3. Cosmetic Dentistry

This includes teeth whitening, dental veneers, and cosmetic bonding to correct teeth imperfections and make them look good when you smile.

4. General Health Concerns

Oral infections may lead to other physical health problems. Those who have finished school in general dentistry and are provided with comprehensive knowledge on dental health including other physical risks of some oral health problems. They provide their patient a diagnosis and refer them to other doctors who specialize in such conditions.

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Consult With Dental Health Care Providers Now

Knowing what general dentists do, it is highly important that you and your family members consult with dental health care providers regularly. Contact your Mt. Airy dentist now, if you live in the area. Schedule an appointment with their associates and always maintain a healthy dental condition.