Family Dentistry in Mt. Airy, Why You Should Have One for Your Family

Family Dentistry in Mt. Airy, Why You Should Have One for Your Family

What makes a good family dentist

What makes a good family dentist?

Fair question. You want your Mt. Airy dentist to be able to specialize, for sure, but you also want him or her to be conscious of the importance of family dentistry. And like any health concern you may have, making sure your family is treated by the same dentist is important. As your Mt. Air family dentist will be able to denote trends and conditions within your family, to see if there is any correlation when it comes to dental issues that he or she notices. He or she should also be trustworthy, compassionate and understanding and willing to work with you and your family regardless of the difficulty of any potential dental problems you may face. What makes a good family dentist

Family Dentistry and What the Things What They Should Cover

A Mt. Airy dentist who understands the importance of family dentistry will be thoroughly prepared to handle dental issues involving each stage of life. They should be specialists in dental concerns for the following types of patients: Children: This should include birth through around age 12. Yes, infants need to be examined, even if it is just an initial exam soon after you bring baby home. They can make sure there are no concerns when teething, and be able to help with pointers on dealing with a cranky, teething baby. And of course, a toddler needs to be checked to make sure their teeth are growing in appropriately. And your family dentist should be able to adequately attend to your special needs children and their dental needs. From the ages of about 6 to 12, your child will be transitioning from their baby teeth to adult teeth. A family dentist should be able to monitor this change, and advice treatment plans (and continue to educate on the importance of brushing and flossing). By the teen years, many children will need special treatment when adult teeth take over, and may not be growing in straight. Your Mt. Airy family dentist will be able to recommend braces or Invisalign options. Adults: Adults can become complacent with proper oral health habits, and need reminders. That first root canal should serve as a not so subtle reminder to brush better and more often. Even so, sometimes life just happens, and teeth get damaged or just start wearing down. A family dentist will be able to provide cleanings to keep teeth strong and perform any procedure to fix dental problems as they arise. Seniors: Yes, aging can sometimes be difficult. And the Center for Disease Control recently did a study that states over 25 percent of seniors (adults 60 years of age and older) don’t have any of their adult teeth left, and have had them replaced with dentures or implants. Your Mt. Airy dentist will be able to provide any and all services regarding this situation. Still, regular checkups are recommended, especially as your family dentist should be able to continue to check for gum diseases (periodontal disease becomes more problematic as you age), as well as continuing to screen for any types of oral cancers. Family Dentistry and What the Things What They Should Cover

Things to Think About If You Don’t Visit Your Mt. Airy Dentist Enough

What happens if you don’t see your family dentist often enough? Well, you could develop cavities, have toothaches, suffer from tooth decay, maybe lose a tooth or two, have weak or loose teeth, suffer from bad breath, among many other problems. And if you trust the American Dental Association, you should; they believe you should have routine cleanings and checkups performed by your family dentist twice a year. Dentist Near Me Reviews, Dentist Near Me Cleaning, Dentist Near Me Filling, Dentist Near Me Implants, Dentist Near Me Insurance, Dentist Near Me Invisalign, Dentist Near Me Low Cost, Dentist Near Me New Patients, Dentist Near Me Oral Surgery, Dentist Near Me Open Early, Dentist Near Me Sedation, Dentist Near Me Veneers, Dentist Near Me That Does Veneers