Dental Exams and Tooth Decay Prevention

 Dental Exams and Tooth Decay Prevention Updated for 2021

Tooth Decay Dental Exams

Updated: October 18, 2021

Although you follow and adhere to a meticulous oral and dental care routine, and regular dental exams, tooth decay can at times prove to be unavoidable. During a visit to your dentist in Mt Airy, you might just discover that you have a cavity developing that has gone unnoticed, due to lack of symptoms or pain. It is quite tempting to delay and take a rain check for tooth decay treatment. Do not wait for your problem to escalate to cavities or worse and let the best dentist in Mt Airy, together with the entire team of exceptional specialists, work on and treat the problem in an instant.

How Does Tooth Decay Develop?

tooth decayTooth decay is practically the most common tooth disease experienced by almost everyone. The problem with tooth decay is that it is barely noticed or felt by the patient until some kind of stinging sensation is felt around the tooth being affected. Even with just a little pain, your tendency still is to shrug it. However, it is preventable by regular dental exams. Bacterial plaque is already working hard to form on your tooth as it transforms sugars from the food you eat into strong acids. In turn, are largely contributory to gradually dissolving the enamel or the outer coating of your tooth. Regularly visiting your dentist for dental exams will catch this progression before it gets worse. As you keep putting the treatment off, these acids will cause the deterioration of your tooth. One layer after another, damage is done until a cavity is formed.

Dental Exams & Tooth Decay Treatment

Enamel corrosion in a small area of the tooth. At this degree of tooth decay, it can still be very much reparable with only minimal treatments. Your dentist in Mr Airy can right there and then after the discovery of the start of decay, perform a repair on the small affected area. Basically, it will be application of filling materials to the decaying spot. The filling materials will contain calcium, fluoride and phosphates, among other necessary minerals. You will then do your part at maintaining your post-treatment after dental exams with the use of fluoride-infused toothpastes and mouthwashes.

Dentin is Already Affected

The dentin is the inner layer of the tooth right underneath the enamel. Damages on the dentin can be controlled with the use of an amalgam filling or an enamel-colored resin material. The dentin is the inner layer of the tooth right underneath the enamel. Damages on the dentin can be controlled with the use of an amalgam filling or an enamel-colored resin material. If the dentin is badly harmed, a crown may be the feasible option. Crowns are generally applied to restore the structure and functions of the teeth. Generally costly, crowns also reinforce and build up the teeth.Tooth Decay and Dental Exams Tooth decay that has worsened and has formed an abscess. Your dentist in Mt Airy will mostly like have two options to perform on you abscessed tooth. These options include root canal treatment or extraction. Although extraction is the last resort of your dentist. This is only if there is no other way to save your tooth and the neighboring teeth from being affected as well. On the other hand, the process of root canal involves taking out the affected pulp in your abscessed tooth, clean the pulp chamber and then seal it. Root canal for the most part will leave your tooth brittle and susceptible to breakage. This is the reason why a root canal treatment is recommended by your dentist. This is applied with a crown for stronger protection of the treated tooth.

Why You Should Schedule Dental Exams

As explained in the previous sections, the problem worsens to become an abscessed tooth. You will save yourself from more pain and expense if you immediately act on your decaying tooth and get help and treatment from your dentist in Mt Airy.