Is Getting a Dental Crown Procedure Worth It?

Is Getting a Dental Crown Procedure Worth It? Updated for 2021

Updated: September 4, 2021

Your smile can become advantageous in certain situations, given that it is one of the first things people notice which can leave them a lasting impression about you. You may find it difficult to make a good impression if you have teeth problems, as this can affect the way you smile but the good news is, getting a dental crown procedure can help you correct this problem.

There are several types of dental crowns, and it is important to know the nature of dental crowns, how long do they last, and the cost of the dental crown procedure, so that you can decide if it is worth a shot or not.

Is Getting a Dental Crown Procedure Worth It

Dental Crowns: How Long do they Last?

Before getting dental crowns tucked in your teeth, you ought to know first the nature of dental crowns, how long do they last, and if having them is beneficial. It is only natural for many people considering getting the procedure done to investigate since the cost of dental crown procedure can be expensive, depending on the types of dental crowns which will be used.

Knowing how long a dental crown will last can surely help you assess if getting these procedures done on your teeth is worth the price.

In dentistry, some materials used to treat or remedy a tooth may vary, and dentists usually estimate dental crowns to last between five to fifteen years depending on how good (or bad) you are handling them.

You should expect that a dentist would recommend the most durable ones such as ceramic crowns. A ceramic crown is durable and has a natural finish to it to make the patients getting them look as if they haven’t done any cosmetic procedures done on their teeth’s appearance.

Types of Dental Crowns

There are also other types of dental crowns and costs may vary (as mentioned earlier) between each of these types. For one, porcelain crowns are one of the most durable ones which may be covered by your insurance, and these crowns are usually perfect cover-ups for your damaged teeth, given that it is highly durable when it is fused with a metal.

Ceramic crowns, on the other hand, may also be less durable than ceramic ones but they can blend well to your teeth’s appearance especially when the coverage area is large. Other types of dental crowns include gold alloys and base metal alloys and as explained earlier, these types may influence the cost of the dental crown procedure.

Cost of Dental Crown Procedure

The cost of dental crown procedures may vary, and you can learn how much they may cost on your teeth upon consultation with a dentist. Just to give you an idea, factors such as the preparation of your crown, the steps that your dentist needs to do before implant, and the extent or the portion which needs to be fixed all contribute to the overall cost of getting the procedure.

You may watch videos of common dental crown procedures if you want it explained even further.

Why You Should Get a Dental Crown Procedure

Aftercare Tips

Once you get the crown tucked in, you have to make sure that you are properly taking care of it to prolong its durability and to make your procedure a worthy investment.

On average, five to fifteen years of having them without the need for replacement is already a good sign that you are taking good care of your oral health, but with extra effort, you can lengthen its life to as much as twenty-five years! Make the cost of the procedure worth it, select the crown which best suits your needs, and

Make the cost of the procedure worth it, select the crown which best suits your needs, and take care of it to enjoy the benefits of having one optimally.