What to Do if Your Cavity Filling Fell Out

What to Do if Your Cavity Filling Fell Out Updated for 2021

Things to Do if Your Cavity Filling Fell Out

Updated: September 11, 2021

Tooth fillings are there to remedy the areas of your tooth which were damaged due to cavities or for whatever reason that caused such damage but sometimes, things may happen which can make people realize that their hole filling fell out unexpectedly.

There are several reasons why the hole filling fell out, but the hassle of having to deal with it in unexpected times could’ve been avoided if you know how long does a temporary tooth filling last, and if your cavity filling fell out, how long you can wait, to anticipate preventive measures before this happens.

Asking your dentist for oral health care tips and sticking with good habits such as flossing with fillings between teeth can also help you prevent this from happening.

What to Do if Your Cavity Filling Fell Out

Cavity Filling Fell Out? You Should..

Naturally, you should contact your dentist once your filling breaks, as this may cause you pain if it is not replaced immediately. The need to repair it is apparent, as some molars which sustained a crack in their fillings may cause pain to the side of the mouth where they are situated especially if a molar is filled deep enough to the root.

This is the reason why if a cavity filling falls out, you should contact your dentist immediately to help you cover it up and avoid getting hurt further.

How Long does Temporary Tooth Filling Last?

If you are wondering how long does a temporary tooth filling last, then you should know that as the name implies, a piece of it only lasts six to eight weeks on average. This is because temporary fillings are used to only temporarily remedy tooth decay in teeth which need root canal procedures.

In contrast, permanent fillings are there to provide long-term solutions, but once they start falling, you may need to see your dentist immediately.

Is Flossing with Fillings Between Teeth Safe?

You can prevent permanent fillings from falling by taking care of your oral health, by brushing your teeth regularly and flossing with fillings between teeth, given that doing so can prevent cavity build up and delay the fermentation process which can damage your crowns ad front teeth.

My Filling Fell Out, How Long can I Wait Before Getting a New One?

You can get one as soon as possible if your teeth are not damaged to the extent where extensive work is required from your dentist. You should not wait long to get a replacement for your lost one as doing so can expose your teeth and gums to harmful elements such as bacteria which can negatively affect your oral health.

Things to Do if Your Cavity Filling Fell Out

Dealing with Lost Fillings in a Nutshell

You or someone you know may have experienced a situation wherein the cavity filling fell out, and the thing is, you could’ve prevented it if you have known how to take care of your teeth in the first place.

Knowing also how long does a temporary tooth filling last can also help you secure this dental filling by avoiding activities which may have caused the cavity filling to fall out unexpectedly. Regardless, your cavity filling fell out already, and you should know how to deal with it accordingly.