Low-Cost Dental Care in Mt Airy, NC

Dental appointments often cause stress and anxiety to the patients, in particular on the pain that a procedure may bring and the corresponding fees. Dental clinics understand these major concerns and make sure that premium dental services are matched with rates that will not break your savings. Affordable dentistry is crucial in maintaining one’s dental […]

What are dental x-rays and why your dentist took an x-ray of your teeth? If this is your first time visiting your dentist, you would probably wonder too. There are reasons why your dentist takes a quick radiograph. They only need to secure your teeth’s condition so that they’ll know how to treat them.There are […]

Oral Health Guide What Is a Dental Crown

Dental crowns, what are they? If you’re not a frequent visitor to a dental clinic, you would probably not recognize this dental term. Dental crowns are the types of dental restoration. If you have heard of teeth filling, then, a dental crown is another type.What makes dental crowns a preferred treatment for tooth decay or fractured […]

The 3 Different Types of Dental Care Procedures

A saying by Ogden Nash says, “Some pains are physical, there are some pains that are mental, but the one that’s both is dental.” Isn’t that true? Most people would rather have a stomach ache than a toothache.The level of pain is twice if not thrice and more often than not, people are more afraid […]

Your smile can become advantageous in certain situations, given that it is one of the first things people notice which can leave them a lasting impression about you. You may find it difficult to make a good impression if you have teeth problems, as this can affect the way you smile but the good news […]

Look to Your Local Mt. Airy Dental Clinic for Your Dental Fillings Needs

Dental fillings can be your saving grace when your teeth become damaged or have too much decay like cavities. The material used during a dental filling procedure serves several purposes, primarily to get rid of the problem area where the decay or damage is, block off the area from bacteria entering the damaged area, prevent […]

For Composite Resin Bonding or Any Dental Procedures, See Your Best Mt. Airy Dentist

When visiting the best affordable Mt. Airy dentist and you have discolored teeth or teeth that have unsightly gaps, chips or cracks and you’re on a small budget find out what options you may have available to you.  While teeth whitening procedures and implants and other procedures like dental veneers can certainly get you smiling […]