There are several types of procedures that your dentist may perform on your mouth depending on your mouth’s condition. Even though bondings, cavity fillings, and teeth cleanings are part of some of the routine sessions, some procedures are more common, involved and easy to carry out.Besides the extraction of your root canals and wisdom tooth, […]

Oral Health Guide What Is a Dental Crown

Dental crowns, what are they? If you’re not a frequent visitor to a dental clinic, you would probably not recognize this dental term. Dental crowns are the types of dental restoration. If you have heard of teeth filling, then, a dental crown is another type.What makes dental crowns a preferred treatment for tooth decay or fractured […]

Dental Crowns Don’t Actually Have To Be Expensive

I love dentists. I love how they take care of you. The gentleness when they’re injecting that syringe into your third molar, the sparkling eyes that they show as they are pulling your tooth out, and the manner of gentleness with the way they hold you down during a root canal.Don’t you just love those […]

What Is Periodontal Disease

Dental problems plague people who’ve suffered permanent damages to their pearly whites. With the advancement of aesthetic dentistry, this issue is now a thing of the past.Dentists have devised ways to beautify damaged teeth in the form of Dental Crowns and learning how long should a temporary crown stay on can help you decide if […]

Your smile can become advantageous in certain situations, given that it is one of the first things people notice which can leave them a lasting impression about you. You may find it difficult to make a good impression if you have teeth problems, as this can affect the way you smile but the good news […]