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Holistic Approach to Oral Care | The Best Mount Airy Dentist Updated for 2021

Updated: October 3, 2021

Are you experiencing changes in the condition of your teeth that make you feel worried and uncomfortable? Are you more concerned now for your dental health than you previously were? Here is what the best Mount Airy Dentist, L Dean Simmons DDS, has to say about the maintenance of and caring for your general dental and oral health.

The Right Tools in Your Oral Care Kit

The Best Mount Airy DentistGood and proper teeth and mouth care involves brushing your teeth at least twice each day and flossing once. The use of mouthwash thereafter is a great plus to dental and oral hygiene. This is a solution that helps fight bad bacteria and chases away germs that may turn your teeth and gums into their breeding ground. This daily at-home dental and oral care routine starts off with choosing the appropriate toothbrush and toothpaste. This is important for you, taking into consideration your personal individual needs and conditions. The use of a soft-bristled toothbrush is highly recommended as they avoid scraping the protective surface of your teeth. Also making sure your toothpaste has to contain ingredients that fight cavity formation. You are also strongly advised against putting too much pressure on your teeth and gums when you are brushing. Brushing your teeth in a tough and intense manner does them no good and hurts you. It does not equate to cleaner teeth because you are thinking that you are able to brush away those stains more effectively. Even with the use of a toothbrush with soft bristles, this habit damages the enamel of your teeth and harms your gums. Floss gently as well. Do not forcefully pull out the food debris in between your teeth. Our Mount Airy dentist recommends to floss gently and every time you brush your teeth. Eating healthy has direct correlation to the general wellness of your teeth and mouth. So eat with fiber-enriched food and drink milk constantly. You should also avoid food with high sugar concentration level. Quit smoke. If you are a smoker, gradually or abruptly stop if you can. The manner of quitting is up to you so long as it works. Smoking cigarettes has long-term negative effects on your teeth and gums. Not only does it darken your gumline and make the enamel of your teeth more fragile, smoking also leaves a near permanent smell in your mouth.

Routine Checkups and Preventive Care

Use Only The Best Mount Airy Dentist We Have to OfferVisit your dentist’s office regularly wherein your dental hygienist can treat you to intensive cleaning to rid stains and food debris. These stains are what regular brushing and flossing fail to reach. Getting extensive dental examinations every six months is also advised. This can help in detecting impending teeth damage or gum problems. Hence, your dentist can manage to prevent them from advancing further even before they even start to manifest.

Start Now Before It Is Too Late

Get in touch with Mount Airy dentist L Dean Simmons DDS and schedule an appointment for a consultation. He can better advise and educate you on oral care and hygiene during an in-office consultation. A conversation with Dr. Simmons can be the beginning of your journey to stronger and healthier teeth and gums. You deserve to be at peace and entrust your dental care only in the hands of the best Mount Airy dentist.