A Tried and True Cavity Killing Solution: Dental Fillings

A Tried and True Cavity Killing Solution: Dental Fillings Updated for 2021

Look to Your Local Mt. Airy Dental Clinic for Your Dental Fillings Needs

Updated: September 25, 2021

Dental fillings can be your saving grace when your teeth become damaged or have too much decay like cavities. The material used during a dental filling procedure serves several purposes, primarily to get rid of the problem area where the decay or damage is, block off the area from bacteria entering the damaged area, prevent further decay and of course to make the tooth look and feel better. It’s an inexpensive and easy fix to a problem that nearly everyone has experienced. Your best local Mt. Airy dental clinic has a staff of expert dental professionals who can perform the dental filling procedure and will help decide the best tooth filling material and tell you how affordable the dental filling cost is to you.

What Takes Place During a Dental Filling Procedure

What Takes Place During a Dental Filling Procedure?

Dental fillings are different from dental crowns as they are a resin of the various types of material available whereas crowns are pre-made and placed on later. A dental filling procedure is a straightforward process, one that your Mt. Airy dentist has performed many times. For starters, you’ll have an initial consultation to discuss what needs to be done and what type of filling you’ll need or desire as there are several types to choose from. On the day of your procedure you’ll have local anesthesia to numb the area surrounding the tooth Then, your Mt. Airy dentist will remove the damaged or decayed area by drilling it away. Then the shaping will take place to ready for the next step. Your dentist will then etch the area which will allow for easier bonding. At this point, your dentist will apply the resin of the material you’ve chosen. Once in place, your dentist will take a special light tool and shine it on the material. This makes for a stronger bond and filling. Finally, the filling will be polished, and you’ll be given aftercare instructions. As for the dental filling cost, they are relatively inexpensive, depending on the material you use. For on silver filling (the most common) you’re looking at $50-$150 per one-two filling. The more expensive like gold or porcelain, look to spend about $90-$250 per tooth filling.

What Types of Tooth Filling Materials Are There to Choose From?

Each type of tooth filling material is used for a variety of reasons. Some are stronger, longer lasting (and more expensive) others are more temporary as their shelf life and price are less. Gold fillings: Are made in a laboratory and the most expensive but they last longer than 20 years and primarily used in non-visible teeth areas. Silver (amalgam) fillings: Extremely durable and inexpensive but they do stand out because of their color. Porcelain fillings: The cost is similar to the gold fillings, but they match the color of your teeth better than any other tooth filling material. Very durable as well and this material will end up covering most of the tooth area. Composite resins fillings: These don’t last as long as the others, and while they can match the color of your teeth, they are more apt to stain and wear down easier over time. Also inexpensive.

Look to Your Local Mt. Airy Dental Clinic for Your Dental Fillings Needs

Look to Your Local Mt. Airy Dental Clinic for Your Dental Fillings Needs

Since a dental filling procedure is an inexpensive way to repair damage and decayed teeth, it’s an affordable fix to a common problem. Most dental insurances will pay part or all of this procedure, but if they don’t, our office will be glad to discuss with you affordable payment plans and connect you with a third-party dental lender. Dental Fillings Before And After, Dental Fillings Near Me, Dental Fillings Between Teeth, Dental Fillings Benefits, Dental Fillings Care, Dental Fillings Eating After, Dental Fillings Explained, Dental Fillings Effects, Dental Fillings For Front Teeth, Dental Fillings How Do They Work, Dental Fillings Necessary, Dental Fillings Options, Dental Fillings Or Crowns, Dental Fillings Falling Out, Dental Filling Quality, Dental Fillings Types, Dental Fillings White