Your Mt. Air Dentist and Scheduling Your Initial Consultation

Your Mt. Air Dentist and Scheduling Your Initial Consultation

Make Sure to Schedule Your next Check-Up

When you have searched and located a Mt. Airy dentist and want to schedule your initial visit, you should be sure to schedule a dental exam. Because maintaining excellent oral health begins with the most basic of services offered by your Mt. Airy dentist, the dental exam.

The Things Your Dentist Is Going to Be Doing During the Exam

What Should You Expect During a Dental Checkup?

So you’ve made your appointment, and your dental exam is today, what should take place during this visit?

Well, it’s pretty basic stuff, but critical to your ongoing dental care. And you’ll want to know precisely what to expect during a basic dental exam by your Mt. Airy dentist.

The importance of the exam is your dentist needs to determine the state of your overall oral health. It’s supremely important to maintain excellent oral health because a healthy mouth will help you avoid some potentially serious health problems, most notably heart disease and even strokes. Your dental exam can start you on the path to a clean bill of (dental) health.

And if you think about it, too many Americans avoid the dentist, and too many Americans also suffer from poor overall health and dental health.

And maybe these people don’t see the correlation between dental health and general health, but your Mt. Airy dentist will be able to explain the consequences of poor dental health as well as treat any dental conditions he discovers that require treatment.

So your dental exam is the first step.

During this procedure, your dentist will perform a checkup and a cleaning (this could be by a hygienist).

The Things Your Dentist Is Going to Be Doing During the Exam

Here’s what’ll happen during your dental exam:

Visual exam: During this procedure, your Mt. Airy dentist will visually check for any current dental issues you may have. He (or she) will also be asking you basic questions about your dental care or issues you may have. The dentist will check around for problem areas such as tooth decay, gum disease and other problems.

X-rays: What the visual exam can’t see, the x-rays will. They will also provide the dentist with better visual evidence to see if you have cavities that may be hiding (between teeth) and the overall health of your teeth, like the roots.

In younger people (particularly children) x-rays can also show if their teeth are growing in properly. And remember, the Food and Drug Administration, according to, recommends adults receive a full set of dental x-rays every 2-3 years.

For children, every 1-2 years. And of course, if you are having more dental problems than you’d like, x-rays (and dental exams) may be necessary more often. And thanks to modern technology, x-rays have received an upgrade, as digital x-rays are available by most dental clinics today. Check with your Mt. Airy dentist to see if they have them.

Oral cancer screening: This is becoming more standard during dental exams. Dentists are now examining the soft tissue in your mouth and checking your jaw looking for symptoms of oral cancer. If your dentist sees anything, he or she might perform a simple biopsy.

Cleaning: Your Mt. Airy dentist (or a hygienist) will perform a thorough cleaning of your teeth and gums. This process involves scraping tartar off of your teeth and out from under your gums. Some will even use fancy tools (ultrasonic) to provide a deeper clean. Then a paste will be applied to your teeth, and they will be polished.

Make Sure to Schedule Your next Check-Up

Make Sure to Schedule Your next Check-Up

Once your exam is complete, you’ll get a new toothbrush, some floss, and gentle reminders on proper oral hygiene. You’ll also be encouraged to set a return dental exam, usually in six months, unless issues found that need addressed. Then your Mt. Airy dentist will discuss the plans to correct the problems.